I havent added content on TNG for a while- it’s not that I haven’t thought about it- i think about TNG every day as I implement it every day- bu tI just havent had new content to post.

So now I’m going to use the post page just as what it’s meant for- to post a blog, a journal of sorts, thoughts and ruminations expanding ont he philosophy or just experiences relation to The New Good and how it’s working out.

RIGHT NOW- I’m looking for a protégé so to speak. One or more who are interested in the New Good and want a little guidance in implementing it. I want their experiences to be posted here as well with the communication between us- so as to better display for others, the trials and tribulations, the hurdles surpassed and the improvements in the lives of those willing to adopt TNG.

As for myself I will admit it hasnt been easy- and hey- I’m the author.

I’m proud to say none of the difficulty has been due to any flaw in the system. Its all been due to being preprogrammed which as I write it- I realize I should dedicate a page to the subject of pre-Programming and its effects on the individual implementing TNG.

I’m sure I have mentioned it- if I remember correctly there is some mention of PreProg’g in the opening introduction- mention of religious programming perhaps- the most common type of PreProg’g that affects one’s definitions of Bad and Good.

Well my troubles are no different. Of course it’s not easy-going against what one has been taught their entire life- even knowing that following the same steps to anything and expecting a different result is by all means the very definition of insanity- and even knowing that you’ve done so before- and found yourself in the same place over and over again- YOU STILL have to fight against your Pre Programmed nature.

Well I’ve fought and I’m sure I’ll fight again one day soon. But I’m winning. I’m winning and coming out ahead. Doing what I need to do for myself alone- first and foremost. The happiness of those I care about come along like the wake tide at full throttle. Everyone else is swallowed by the undercurrent and rightly so- I could care less. I know that if I cannot be true to myself- I cannot be true to anyone else and I am part of the problem, and not the solution if I do not keep to the NEW GOOD.