Welcome to The New Good ©™

Let us begin by setting a base for what we’re about to build…

Good and Evil, as commonly percieved, is just that- an individual matter of perspective.

You can do extensive research on the subject to form your own opinion, such as with Nietzsche or Descarte but to proceed here you’ll have to come to terms with that as a fact first. I do not want to dedicate too much text to that here other than to say that it should be an obvious matter to you in order to proceed.

What you see in the world around you, and how you see it- is as much your right to regard as reality- as is what another person sees and how they see it. There are commonalities in society, we all go on green and stop on red when driving for example- but when it comes to yellow- some of us speed up, others slow down, and still others assess the situation light by light. The perspective you have of the world around you dictates your particular reality- period.

If you are not convinced of that- it’s understandable- and now, like throughout these pages at various points, I will ask you to return when you are ready for a change in your life. Because if you’re here, you’ve likely been living according to a set reality already- and what we are going to do is give you another way of looking at things. One which you’ll have to adhere to as faithfully as the one you’ve been following thus far- until you can see the benefits and build faith in it. You have to be in touch with the fact that your perspective is your reality- and you’re about to adopt a new perspective, if only for a trial period, but with dedication for that time.

To proceed with scepticism is to defeat the purpose and to waste everyone’s time. I say this as much for your time as mine, and to protect the time and work being done by others adopting The New Good. This is not a site for debate on the subject of reality or perspective. It is not a forum for discussion on whether this formula or philosphy is right or wrong, good or evil in itself. Once here, your mind on these matters should be Open. This is a forum for change. Change for your betterment.

If you are here, you desire that change. All that’s asked of you is a commitment to self- and to that effort for change. Don’t worry, this isn’t a cult. This isn’t a religion. The New Good replaces nothing but the point of view that hasn’t been working for you so far. It’s a philosphy for life. It’s an undercurrent to whatever you have going. You will lose nothing but what is useless to you, and gain everything you’ve ever wanted.

That being said, we can breifly examine your probable concept of what “good” is at this time.

An examination of self;

You’ve likely been taught by your parents, friends, society and life in general what good and bad is. You’ve tried to be good under those precepts, but are unsatisfied by the results or confused by the outcome.

You feel you know what is moral and right. You see others act in a way you would consider immoral or wrong, irresponsible or careless, and you consider yourself better than that- but again, you can’t explain why under these circumstances it seems others who value certain things less than you, perhaps respect the world around them alot less than you do, and they garner more from you, life, and the world around them- than you do.

I’m here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing you are doing wrong, and as a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with anyone else in this world.

All that IS wrong, is your basis for assessing what is right and wrong. Your foundation is off kilter. You are likely an honorable and moral person and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, these are morals you should hold on to. In the New Good, you may just learn a means to applying those personal scruples appropriately.

It may be that your base is rooted too deeply in a responsibility to others. Or, as in the passage below, it is rooted in a common theme, religion. Take a moment to read its cryptic message…

“For when by reason of the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need again that some one teach you the rudiments of the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of solid food. For every one that partaketh of milk is without experience of the word of righteousness; for he is a babe. But solid food is for fullgrown men, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern good and evil”(Heb.5:12-14).

Summarizing that Hebrew text- good and evil should discernable by that man which is well versed in god’s teachings… bottom line, read the bible and do what it tells you to do- and you will know good from bad or evil.

I’m sure you will find many similar passages in religious text throughout the so-called civilized world. I will not be taking on Religion on these pages. I have no qualm with Religion. It helps whom it helps. You need not abandon your religion to take on the New Good and the NG does not threaten your belief system in any way.

In relation to the quote, what I am proposing, rather, exposing, is that without being well “versed”, “taught” or otherwise indoctrinated, or brain washed as some may put it- to any god-based or social theology or idealism, man in his raw form, an animal of the Earth though complex in his needs and mannerisms, is essentially no more than any other animal… and what is an animal if not a Survivalist.

Being such, the perspective of good and evil then falls to the need of the moment. An animal survives on a minimum of complex thought- and a majority of instinct. What an animal needs, an animal goes after and gets. If they cannot get it, they waste no time, attach no meaning to the experience, and proceed to the next task at hand. Self satisfaction as a result of self reliance.

You have to realize, an animal doesn’t think about right and wrong. They are hungry, they hunt or forage for food. They are cold, they seek shelter. They are threatened, they defend or they attack. You, on the other hand, have been taught to think about things, and perhaps a little too much. To attain that which pleases, comforts or provides a means of survival- is good. To ignore those needs, to give up the opportunity to attain those basic needs for survival and comfort- is bad, and if adhering to your own existence- to go against yourself can be percieved as Evil.

Now if those are the conceivable tenants for an animal’s survival- why are they not your own?

Follow so far?

What’s good, is what’s good for you, right now. What You need. What You want. Now.

There is no “will I get into heaven or will I go to hell”. There is no “what will they think”. In the end, if there is food on your plate- if your children are fed and safe- what else matters? Really?

For those who are religious and adhere to a god-based belief system- how do you think the neglect of your own well being will be percieved in your concept of the after life?

Your life is a precious gift. Your well being and the well being of those you care about- is tantamount. You have to decide right here and right now whether you will be able to adhere to this overlay to your way of being. This, the NG is about what’s most important in life and it WILL teach you how to get ahead inthe world where you haven’t been able to before.

Being a child of society one can never expect to be fully free of supposed morality and its imposition of rules and regulations be they legal or religious. But with adherence to one’s self and one’s own interest- alone, one can come close to being free and successful in respect to the observance of the New Good ©®.

Now keep in mind, the New Good, is only new, because its the Good for YOU.

Building that New Self, with The New Good © ®

The Good we were examining above, the Good you’ve been adhering to thus far… that was someone else’s Good- not yours. That good was set upon you by adolescent learning, by guilt, by rejection and probable pain and fear. Religion makes this error at times. Parents make this error. And well, life can be quite unfair too all on its own- but we’ll take care of that too.

Prepare yourself- Others may not consider YOUR good to be in accordance with their good, or the good as dictated by laws and religious rule. The challenge is in the every day implementation of what is good for YOU. Shedding as much as possible, that which has held us back, kept us apart, left us open, to being hurt, used, and taken advantage of by others… Which is simply an overly developed sense of consideration for others, and an overly hightened concern for what others need, think or want from us.

The New Good is not about social or moral responsibility to anyone else other than the most important person on earth and in your life- YOU.

The One person, who if damaged or destroyed, ends your existance.


Now that you’ve completed the introduction, and you either feel this is something you’re not ready for- or you find it interesting- you can take a look at the actual Rules for the NG as we like to call it.

Take a look around now, while its still in development and free of charge.

E mail me with any suggestions comments or experiences. I am totally open to all communications.

Thanks for reading my friends and future fellow New Gooders

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